Gummy Smile Assessment & Treatment

We believe that every smile is beautiful, but we also recognize that some of our patients aren’t happy with how their own smiles appear. For some, they notice what we refer to as “excessive gingival display.”  In other words, a significant portion of your gums are exposed when they smile.

What is a gummy smile and what causes a gummy smile?

A gummy smile may make your top teeth appear small or short because of the amount of gum tissue shown when you grin. If you have a gummy smile, you may feel uncomfortable smiling and even cover your mouth when you smile or laugh.

In some cases, jaw length or teeth which are not fully erupted may cause gummy smiles. In most of the cases we see in our office, however, it is actually the size or movement of the top lip which is the primary concern.

That’s why Haslam Family Dental now offers our patients the opportunity to reduce gum visibility in a matter of minutes. Dr. Haslam’s specialized training allows him to inject BOTOX® into specific muscles within the upper lip. The result is a natural smile that shows off beautiful teeth instead of gums. It’s all done without surgery, and the results last for months.

FAQ’s About Gummy Smiles

The right treatment for you depends the cause of your gummy smile. If it is due to misalignment or protrusion of your teeth or jaw, or results from teeth not being properly erupted, Dr. Haslam may recommend other options instead of or in conjunction with BOTOX injections.

It takes approximately two weeks before botulinum toxin achieves its targeted effect, although you may notice results sooner.

Simply call our office and schedule a free consultation. Dr. Haslam will evaluate your smile and advise whether BOTOX injections are a good option for you.

As with any medical procedure, some side effects have been reported. Some of the most common side effects include redness or bruising at the injection site, headaches and flu-like symptoms. We will review those with you during your consultation and at the time of your injection to ensure you are fully informed of any potential risk and/or side effects.